How To Use Brow Powder Effectively

Using an eyebrow pencil can be a very tricky task, especially for those who don’t have very much experience in using pencils to touch up their eyebrows. Brow powder is a much more user friendly option as it is far easier to use and gives a more natural look to the eyebrows. Having said that, it is important to choose the right color of brow powder for your look, as well as applying it correctly in order to achieve the well groomed, natural appearance you are looking for.

Choosing the color of brow powder you need to match your appearance is the most important part of using this make-up. You need to choose a color that matches your own eyebrows, but this is not always possible. With the wide range of shades of natural eyebrows amongst women, it is not feasible that there would be an exact match of brow powder for every single one of those shades.

If you cannot find an exact match for your eyebrow color, go with the next closest shade, but lighter rather than darker than your own brows. If the only options are a slightly darker shade and a slightly lighter shade, going with the lighter one will help to keep the look natural. The second consideration is the application. You’ll need to use a flat angled brow brush to shape your eyebrows using the brow powder. Apply the powder with light, feathery strokes to shape the eyebrows and to fill in any gaps.

126 - Eyebrow powder

Take your time, and go carefully and slowly when you first start as it does take some practice to achieve a smooth, well groomed yet natural look. Starting your application with the outer edges of the eye brows will allow you more control. Then gradually move towards the center. It is worth clarifying though that, although you are working from the outer edge in, you will still need to brush your eyebrows in the direction that the hair is growing of course.

If you pluck your eyebrows it is important to pluck them first, before applying the eyebrow brush and powder for the best results and the smoothest, neatest finish. Leaving more space between your eyebrows as well as under them will give the impression of making your eyes appear larger, while closing the gap between your eyebrows using the powder will give the impression of making them appear smaller.

School and Money

School taxes are due today. Hate this due date. Its one of the four taxes I need to have the honor of living in my house. I don’t mind paying taxes especially school taxes because they are necessary for the children. Also schools are the foundation of a town as well as the foundation of our society. We will not get better if we do not fund education.

The beef I have is the un necessary administration costs that are mandated by some governing body that the town has no control over. The number of administraters have doubled in the last ten yoear without any increase in pupils. As well the money paid to administrators is now exceeding the private sector. All are exceeding 100 grand in salary. Also they get retirement at 80% at 55 years old. On top of that they get free medical for life. Not one corporation could stay in business by handing out those types of benefits. Same with other city cops and firefighters. Some can retire at 45 and the taxpayers pay for them the rest of their life.

I think we need to reverse our direction and not expect the state or our taxes pay for everything from cradle to grave. If we are going in that direction then lets agree we want to be like France and take the month of August off. Now that doesn’t sound too bad.

You know what else does not sound too bad? advanced night repair eye serum that’s what. We could take all of our problems that we collect during the day and forget them at night with the repair serum. Sounds like a great idea, we need to get this cosmetic lady working on it. Now back to my rant about school taxes. Lets go for a 11 per cent reduction for the next ten years. We might have to cut some positions but it will be worth it. We should also look at teachers and their costs. I believe they are paid fairly and should even get a raise but we cannot afford to pay for their retirement and medical for 50 years for every teacher. Look at anr Estee lauder for the example.